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A community of like-minded, purpose-led business owners, entrepreneurs, side-gig success makers and professionals passionate about growing their businesses. Modern Business Networking
“building an amazing business is all about creating powerful moments of connection
Business Networking Meet New People Make Connections
New friends open engagement and interaction like-minded and purpose led entrepreneurs
Business Networking Meet New People Make Connections structured facilitated meetings enable new referral
Social Meetup Fun Friendly Connections and Insight


Meet and connect with people at all stages of their business journey across a broad spectrum of industries


Exist to make a difference beyond profit. Create meaningful change through your business in the World


Social, Structured, Workshop or Mastermind, we hold regular events to help you move forward on your own business journey


Share Ideas, Promotions, Team-tips
Pipeline, Repeat Business, Clarity
Strategy or Systems
All here in our community

Connect with engaging, like-minded business builders

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Welcome to Business Strategy, The business networking community created to connect Entrepreneurs, Owners, Start-ups, Investors and people at all stages of their business journey. We are all about effective business networking, helping founders, entrepreneurs and owners connect and grow.

Everything we do, we do because we believe passionately that when people connect with each other, this ignites growth in all areas – in business, personal, and all areas of life are enriched through the energy created by connection. So we attract and nurture a community of inter-connected people and companies, and through the power of that network comes a series of events, informal networking get-togethers, business referrals, workshops, and 1:1 learning & growth. Join in the rhythm of conversation, share your business journey, and connect with like-minded people at our regular events.

Featured Members

Skinny Robot

Ricardo Carvalho

We help our clients by Understanding the problem to be solved, Analysing the available data, Co-creating a solution fit for purpose, Implementing and Measuring the achieved results, then starting again on the next challenge. Skinny Robot focus budgets from $3-50k, that can be implemented within 12 week, aiming at an ROI around 1 year.

Sprout NZ

Vanesha Din

Think of Sprout as part management consulting, part human resources, part recruitment agency. When you put this together, we are a people growth advisory firm.

Hot Butter Productions

Dave Munn

Hi, my name’s Dave Munn or ‘Munzy’. I’m a film maker & digital media manager with 11 years experience at Colenso BBDO and FCB Auckland.

If you’re a business owner & want to increase your new Client Leads & Revenue, I’d love to hear from you.

I can promise high quality, predictable sales results, so you can focus on what you do best; Bringing excellence to Kiwi lives.

Team Fusion

Gaelene Adams Wood

We help businesses unlock the secrets to more productivity and profitability.
You might have already won awards, but you know that what got you to here is not going to take you to the next level. And, you care enough about your business and your team to aim for more.

Now it’s time to amp up that productivity and profit. It’s time to leverage the people in your business and give them the opportunity to grow and thrive.

You might already have the right people on your team, but you know that embedding high performance and accountability into the very heart and soul of your business is key to creating more productivity and getting even better results.

James J Contracting – Sales Specialists

Jim Bennett

I’m an experienced Sales Specialist who supports SME’s in achieving highly effective sales outcomes. I’ve reached the highest sales leadership levels within National and Multinational companies and have presided over annual sales portfolio’s in excess of $250 million.

“Life is all about Delivery”
Nothing more – Nothing less

Lets Talk! Mortgages & Insurance

Sarah Bloxham

Ideal client for LTMI is a first home buyer who then turns into a trusted client. A mortgage, then an investment property. Covering yourself with personal insurance, life, income cover and medical – thats your Plan B.

We are looking for YOU

Passionate, Purpose-Led Entrepreneurs, Owners, Investors and all those on their business journey creating an amazing life & getting paid doing they love.


Community Members

Dealing with overwhelm in the times of Covid19

People & Culture April 21 Webinar Livestream

April Live-ONLINEBusiness Strategy Networking Event Mel Rowsell and Jake Barker Live Discussion The live discussion will be available during and after this event. Visit Wisdom at Work Visit HR Matters Business Promotions from Wisdom at

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Jake Barker - HR Matters
Speaker Announcements

Jake Barker – Ask An Expert April 2020

Live-ONLINEAsk an Expert – April Jake Barker Visit HR Matters Join us April 21th ON LINE (Please register on meetup, we will be providing Live Meeting details to all attendees) Business Promotions from HR Matters

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Dealing with overwhelm in the times of Covid19
Speaker Announcements

Mel Rowsell Speaker Announcement April 2020

Live-ONLINEApril Speaker Announcement Mel Rowsell Visit Wisdom at Work Join us April 21th ON LINE (Please register on meetup, we will be providing Live Meeting details to all attendees) Business Promotions from Wisdom At Work

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Gaelene Adams-Wood Webinar Livestream

April Live-ONLINEBusiness Strategy Networking Event Gaelene Adams-Wood Live Discussion Visit Team Fusion 30 Ways to Renovate your team culture quiz Business Promotions from Team Fusion Event Check-in Event check-in for this event is now closed.

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Accelerate with NGINX Livestream Event

Unit App ServerLive-ONLINE Event Accelerate with NGINX Auckland – Investigate NGINX Unit Accelerate with NGINX Auckland held our first online #meetup in March, with an introduction to the Unit application server presented by NGINX Architect

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